I’m Dani. Here are some pictures of me.

This tumblr contains runway fashion, makeup, gorgeous boys, excellent design, feminism, macabre shit, funny shit, personal rants, and extreme close-ups of baked goods.

For my hilariously bad art/modeling, see:

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i cant wait to get a boyfriend, im all prepared. i punched some holes in the lid of this jar and i put some grass and a twig in it

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Blugirl Fall 2012


Blugirl Fall 2012

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 A few illustrations for Carousel featured in Ooya Chiki’s 1979 art book

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If you don’t understand why people don’t like the big bang theory, once in an episode the cast was at a comic store browsing and a woman walked in, and one of the leads said “Is she lost?” and that was the joke.

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